Many businesses in Brisbane and all across Australia are learning how the innovative power of the cloud can make a huge impact on the way they do business every day.

Cloud computing can lower the costs of your technology, allow you and your employees to work remotely with ease, and reduce the amount of management your information technology requires.

But the cloud is still relatively new to Australia, and many business owners worry about how to make it work for their needs while keeping it affordable and secure.

Your IT Business Consultants can help.

We’re the go-to name in Cloud Computing Solutions in Brisbane, and we will ensure a smooth and safe transition to the cloud for your business. Call us today at (07) 34950064 or send an email to [email protected] to learn about how we can make the cloud work for you.

Our team of cloud experts aren’t just here to offer you products and then leave again. We’re business consultants first, and that means we’ll ensure that you get tailored cloud solutions that match the needs of your business. We sit down with you, learn about your goals, your needs, and what your daily operations are, and then design the right solution to fit your business.

All of the cloud solutions from Your IT Business Consultants include:

  • Easy accessibility for you and your staff, with the ability to remotely access the same systems and files you would in your office, whether you’re at home, or out on the road.
  • Security that guarantees your systems and data are kept safe from any disaster, both natural and manmade, so you never have to worry about losing important data or access to your systems.
  • Increased speed & reliability from streamlined systems that aren’t bogged down by aging hardware.
  • Affordability that allows you to customize your technology selections and take advantage of systems and applications normally too expensive for a smaller business.
  • Versatility to scale the technology you use to the size and needs of your business, so you’re never paying for anything more than what you need.

We offer a variety of Cloud Solutions, including:

Virtualized Systems & Software:

Imagine a functional, streamlined business where all your necessary data and tools are stored in a cloud where you can access it anywhere, anytime using a web-capable device without having to worry about expensive software licenses? Our virtualized systems and software make it easy to cut costs and streamline how you access your technology every day.

File Sharing & Synchronization Services for Enhanced Collaboration:

Our file sharing and synchronization solutions give you an experience just like Dropbox or other leading file sharing services, letting you store your important data in the cloud for easy access and to eliminate expensive onsite storage, but with improved business-level security. Your staff can easily share and edit documents right from the cloud, greatly enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Microsoft Office 365:

Your IT Business Consultants can help you leverage the power of Microsoft Office in a cloud environment that’s available 24/7/365 from anywhere you can access the Internet. Office 365 includes all the familiar applications and power of the regular Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), but based in a cloud environment that’s flexible, adaptable to your needs, accessible from anywhere you can go online, and affordable.

Unleashed Inventory:

Unleashed is a complete, easy to use solution that gives you a comprehensive set of features to manage your stock and supply-chain, all in the cloud. All of your products and stock-on-hand information instantly updated across all of you sales and inventory channels. Update your stock information in one place and have those changes reflected across all of your stock locations.

VoIP Business Telephone Services:

Our Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) business telephones are a step up from traditional telephone services, providing you with more capabilities, reliable security, peace of mind knowing your phone lines aren’t in danger of being turned off in case of power outage or disaster, and the ability to access your phone systems from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Google Apps:

Take advantage of the great reputation and reliability of Google for easily accessed cloud applications for your business. With Google Apps, we can take you beyond using free Gmail or file sharing services; we can ensure you get the highest level of security and accessibility while using interfaces that are familiar and user-friendly. We go beyond just providing the service: we consult with you to ensure you use it well.


Xero is by far the easiest cloud-based accounts system ever designed. It’s all online, so you can easily share it with your accountant and any other user who needs to access your accounts, and it has a lovely interface. Our Xero service ensures you never need to worry about licensing expensive accounts software or trying to export critical data to a file for emailing; everything is easily shared with no hassles.

Specialty Applications & Services:

We don’t just offer our own services and leave it at that. If your business is interested in specialty applications or services that fit your unique needs or industry, we can help you discover what options are out there, and find the right solution that will provide you with the service you need at a cost that fits within your budget.

And more.

The experts at Your IT Business Consultants are ready to consult with you and analyse your business practices so we can offer you cloud solutions that are right for your needs. Contact us today to schedule a free no-obligation review of your business systems by calling (07) 34950064 or emailing us at [email protected].

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