Imagine that your company has a physical facility. If someone repeatedly tries to gain access with a fake key or invalid key card, you would expect that your security guards would notice and not let the intruder through. Unfortunately, antivirus and firewall software do not take action against the server equivalent of this scenario.

Infinite tries to login

Even with firewalls and antivirus software, wherever a legitimate user might need to log into your server, an intruder or attacker gets infinite tries to log in to this server. Windows Server has some built-in defenses, which usually amount to locking out the user the intruder is trying to log in as. Beyond being unhelpful and annoying for the innocent user, it does nothing to stop the attack.

Syspeace is an Intrusion Prevention Solution

Syspeace is an Intrusion Prevention Solution, meaning that it reasons about the pattern of the failed login attempts and blocks the attacker once it can discern the attack from a legitimate user logging in incorrectly. These patterns are readily customizable by configuring Syspeace’s rules.

Brute-force attacks that otherwise thrive on being able to try a large number of logins until one of them works by chance are stopped nearly instantly. Since it is effective against many types of attacks, Syspeace is an excellent complement to antivirus and firewall software.

Intrusion detection system that blocks attackers

In addition, Syspeace pre-emptively blocks attackers based on failed attempts that have been blocked at other participating Syspeace installations worldwide through our Global Blacklist.

Functionality of our intrusion prevention software

  • Secure login attempts on Windows server
  • Secure login to Exchange SMTP-connectors
  • Secure login to SQL-server
  • Multiple customizable rules
  • Send mail when a block is done
  • Send daily mail with aggregated intrusion information both as plain text and attached CSV-file
  • Send weekly mail with aggregated intrusion information both as plain text and attached CSV-file
  • Uses local whitelist
  • Uses local blacklist
  • Uses global blacklist
  • Searchable log of login/intrusion attempts

We’ve partnered with Syspeace to provide protection to our clients; contact us to find out how we can help you.

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