Traditional telephone services are becoming a thing of the past in Australia. When your business needs to stay agile and adaptive in today’s fierce economy, you need a communications network that won’t tie you down to a single location and leave you with high monthly bills and poor quality connections. It’s imperative that you have telephones that can keep up with your needs, adapt as your business evolves, and stay within your budget.

Fortunately, Your IT Business Consultants offer an innovative, affordable and reliable alternative to traditional business telephones: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Business Telephone Solutions. Access advanced communications with features normally unavailable to small and mid-sized businesses, at a fraction of the cost. Learn more by contacting us at (07) 34950064 or [email protected].

VoIP Business Telephones give you much more flexibility than a traditional phone line system. With a properly planned and implemented VoIP Solution from Your IT Business Consultants, you can use VoIP services to access your business phones anywhere you go, get increased reliability, and most importantly, save your money. Here are some of the many benefits to our VoIP network:

  • Affordable: Access our VoIP Business Telephone service for a single flat-rate monthly fee, with no hidden installation or setup charges.
  • Convenient: Your VoIP phone system is accessible from anywhere you can get online, whether it’s at the office, at home, or on the road on a mobile device.
  • Reliable: Our team will monitor your VoIP system around the clock to ensure the quality of your network and prevent downtime or disruption.
  • Secure: Our VoIP network is hosted from a cloud-based server that you access online. This means that if your business is ever hit by a power outage, flood, or any other disaster, your phone network will still be available to you without any loss of service.
  • Easy to Use: We ensure that our VoIP services feature user-friendly interfaces that we will help you quickly learn so you can take advantage of all the great features without a lot of wasted time.
  • Adaptable: It’s simple to scale the size of your VoIP system to the size and needs of your business, so you pay only for the service and extensions that you need.
  • Advanced: VoIP phones let you access business class features normally unavailable on traditional phone networks for smaller businesses, such as:
    • PBX (Private branch exchange) capabilities
    • Conference calling
    • Automated phone attendants
    • Desk-to-desk calling
    • Music-on-hold
    • And more

Cut down on costs and embrace the future with an innovative communication system that will keep your business thriving. Contact Your IT Business Consultants for the VoIP Business Telephone solution that’s right for your business. Contact us today to schedule a free no-obligation review of your business systems by calling (07) 34950064 or emailing us at [email protected].

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