Virtual Server RiskVirtual servers are becoming an on-going tool in the business enterprise world. They take the place of traditional servers that run only one operating system at a time. Instead, virtual servers contain multiple separate “software containers.” Each separate container runs its own operating system. These software containers are the virtual server. Each of the isolated virtual machines believes it is a separate physical computer and accordingly behaves like so.

The major benefit that comes with virtualization is a more efficient use of existing resources and better testing environments. So it’s no wonder businesses everywhere are adopting this method. Unfortunately, it was shown in a recent study made by Kaspersky Labs that IT professionals are merely aware that virtual environments need securing, but yet do not understand how to fully defend against any potential threats.

While there are many beneficial reasons to choose running a virtual server, there are also some security concerns. For example, virtual servers are all isolated and treated as separate machines, yet still rely on the host operating system. So if something were to happen to the main host operating system, it may compromise all of the virtual servers.

The recent study by Kaspersky Labs found that:

  • 43% of respondents in the survey see security concerns to be a significant barrier to implementing virtualization
  • 41% of survey respondents stated that managing security solutions within virtual environments is a struggle.
  • More than half of the survey respondents noted that their company has only partially implemented security solutions in the virtual environment.
  • 36% claimed that virtual server security concerns are significantly lower than physical servers
  • 46% believe the virtual environment can be protected using conventional security solutions

Despite these beliefs, it is important to note that the virtual server is as vulnerable as its physical counterparts. There is even malware made that specifically seeks out and targets virtual environments – innovative ways to compromise servers are always being made. So whether your business chooses a physical or virtual server, you are still at risk. It is therefore crucial to stay informed on what these threats are and how they can be tackled to ensure the best possible security and safety of your company!

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