What separates companies that can leverage the fast changing and developing technology from the ones that do not?

A tool for assessing how the existing IT execution and management supports the overall competitiveness of the company to achieve more market share, better margins, and smoother operation.

More about IT competitiveness quotient

ITcQ – is a short, web delivered survey made for Owners. It gauges your organisation’s likelihood of value getting from IT and the barriers of competitiveness.

The ITcQ is a tool that helps Business Owners improve the overall performance and value of their IT operations by measuring and addressing factors aligned with the seven principles of competitiveness through technology.

About the assessment

Unlike broad audits and surveys, itcQ is specifically designed as a management action tool. Each question is defined by a series of standard behaviours that, if identified as being low, can be strengthened to improve the level of execution and, in turn, positively impact results.

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