Have you been dreaming about giving your office more flexibility, easier ways to manage tasks and major boost in productivity? With Google Apps, all of that will be a reality.

google apps consulting

Technology is evolving every day; it’s changing to reflect your unique needs. You’re not doing business the way your parents and grandparents used to – we know that you’re always on the go, and the tools you use to work need to reflect that.

Innovative, Easy-to-Use Solutions

So what exactly is Google Apps? It’s a cloud-based center of tools designed to increase your productivity, allowing you to get work done from anywhere and with any device.

  • Get access to your contacts, calendars, emails and files from one place. Google Apps provides you with documents, spreadsheets, surveys, slideshows, forms, and more.
  • Most other IT companies in Brisbane don’t provide Google Apps consulting, but because we know they’re your best bet for success – we’ve got you covered.

Flexibility and Collaboration

  • We know how important it is for you to stay in contact with employees when you’re working from different locations. Collaboration is easier than ever with Google Drive – you have the power to easily share files and data with employees or clients. You’ll be able to work on edits or create documents no matter where you go.
  • Setup meetings without hassle and then carry them out right there with Google Apps– Hangouts lets you video chat with your entire team from any device.
  • Share ideas, talk about upcoming projects, and even show each other what you’re working on with built-in screen sharing.

Peace of Mind

Not only will your data be easier to manage, but Google Apps also keeps your sensitive information more secure than ever. Your files are always protected in the cloud so that if an issue with your computer or network arises, you’ve always got a backup. No more worrying about data breaches or diminished productivity.

If your current IT company isn’t talking to you about why 5 million other businesses have chosen Google Apps, it’s time to turn to one that will. For the best IT consulting and support in Brisbane contact Your IT Business Consultants at [email protected] or by phone at (07) 34950064.

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