Internet BrowserHave you wondered what toolbars and browser extensions actually do? You would think because they are part of the browser that they are safe, but you could be misled.

Toolbars and extensions can make your life easier with all of the quick tools it provides, not to mention ease of access. However, these toolbars and extensions can be malicious malware bits that takedown your computer and network systems. Malware is a big threat in today’s mobile and computer operating systems, infecting 32% of total systems. Malware can take a huge toll and set you back by:

  • Locking away your information,
  • Slowing down your computer,
  • Taking over your system and the entire network,
  • Stop devices from functioning,
  • Create a data disaster and erase your information.

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Here’s what you can do to help yourself be more secure with your browser:

Look at the Reviews

Reviews can tell you a lot about software downloads. Most people who comment and take the time to write a review are proficient and believe in the product. Security enthusiasts will go out of their way and explain exactly what the extension/add-on actually does. As for toolbars, this becomes a bit harder because most do not have a review page. It’s easier to stay clear and stick to extensions/add-ons as your main source of tools. Looking for an average rating of 4.5-5 stars is a good start.

Double Check your Download

You should be running some type of security and anti-malware program on your system, anyways. This will not only scan incoming downloads and sources, but files residing on your computer. Some reviews can be misleading and a real-time prevention system is a good way to double check your safety. A good security system will also scan your network from threats coming from other devices and outside sources.

The Ultimate Solution

Having a strong and efficient network solution is what every company needs to get their day-to-day security and backups on track. With Your IT Business Consultants, you will have less to worry about and all of your IT needs can be covered. Some of their strong and efficient services include:

  • Data disaster prevention,
  • Network security, and threat prevention,
  • Cloud backup solutions,
  • Live Malware, virus and spam monitoring,
  • Email and spam solutions
  • And more…

With Your IT Business Consultants providing you with the protection you need, you will not have to worry about data disasters and security breaches, again. With all of your IT solution under the same roof, you can be sure you are safe from the nasty threats that are out there today and coming tomorrow. Give Your IT Business Consultants a call at (07) 34950064 or email [email protected] for a quick response and a custom solution for your needs.

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