If you’re a web designer – working with colors takes too long.

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You don’t have time to remember all of the tedious code values and convert them from hex to red, green and blue coding.  Online tools are not just a time-saving device; they’re what you use to keep from wasting your valuable time.  Use them and all you need to worry about is making your design SHINE.

Take a look at the best color palette tools for your next project:

  • ColourLoversFind what you need from among millions of color palettes all created by the ColourLovers community.
  • Adobe Color CC – Adobe understands that nobody knows your design needs better than you do. Popular color themes are rated to give you a great starting point.
  • Pictaculous – This site gives you the freedom to shape an uploaded image into your own personal color scheme.

If you are looking for a fantastic idea check out these color picking tools:

  • hailpixel.com – It’s better than Photoshop with its cumbersome default picking window. No more memorizing tedious color values.  Just scan your browser window for the best color choice and copy the hex with one click.  Boom!  You’re done.
  • al – Keep hex codes fun. From the light colors of to the darker shades of there are hundreds of options.
  • CSS Color Names – See a color – see a code. Get the exact color name and hex value for 147 different colors.

Artistically inclined?  Looking to build your vision?  Check out these color theory tools:

  • Sphere – Use the color wheel to manipulate hues and tints. Make Sphere your own personal design playground.
  • Color Scheme Designer – Flip the color wheel, see your design come to life and get the scheme ID for your own unique creation. Recreate it with a snap.

Cascading style sheets enhanced!  Use these CSS color generator tools to get the CSS3 code you need to translate code into your PERFECT design:

  • Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator – Designers know that CSS3 gradients are a nuisance to write out in code. Why put yourself through this?  This generator gives you an interface – all you need to do is copy and paste your code.
  • Hex 2 RGBA Color Calculator – Take a CSS value and copy it into RGBa in one click – it’s so much faster using this.

That’s not all – take a look at these tools – make your design even stronger.  You will not regret it!

  • 0to255 – Start with your color and see an entire series of variations. Epic borders.
  • Color Hexa – The comprehensive search engine of color. See background information on any color value on the spectrum.  Easily convert your color to CMYK – that’s what printers use so you can print your color easily.

Find the best online color tool for your design, and make your website pop! For more tips on how to make your website shine, turn to Your IT Business Consultants – contact us at (07) 34950064 or [email protected] to get started.

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