When Was the Last Time You Went through the Computer Network Security Checklist?

Computer Network Security isn’t something to take for granted! It’s too easy to think that only big-name corporations like Home Depot or Kmart get attacked by cybercriminals, but the truth is, ANY company can be targeted for a data breach. If you aren’t prepared to defend yourself against hackers, all it takes is one curious criminal poking around at your defences to break in, and then all your private and valuable data will be spread around the Internet.

Your IT Business Consultants takes computer network security seriously – keeping your business safe at all times.

Computer Network SecurityYour IT Business Consultants knows computer network security isn’t something to take lightly – stolen information can lead to many losses: lost or stolen information, identity theft, lost business opportunities, and more. That’s why we’re providing this cyber security checklist for your Brisbane business; if you can check off every item on the list, you can rest easy knowing your IT support company is doing their job right and keeping your business secure:

  • I receive regular reports regarding the work that has been done on my network.
  • I have undergone a vulnerability assessment to discover any potential weaknesses.
  • I feel comfortable with the security solutions implemented – firewalls, malware protection, user authentication, password protection, and more.
  • I know my IT systems and network are monitored around-the-clock.
  • I have multiple ways to contact my IT support company in case of emergency.
  • I know my data is backed up and recoverable if a disaster ever occurs.
  • I can trust my IT support company to advise me of any emerging security threats.

If you can’t check ALL of these items off your Computer Network security checklist, chances are, your IT support company isn’t keeping your business safe.

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