Windows 10Windows 10.

Yes, you heard that right. Windows 10! Are you thinking the same thing we’re thinking? “What happened to Windows 9? Wait, Windows 8 just came out not that long ago…”

No worries: we are several months, if not a couple of years away from Windows 10 becoming something you need to be thinking about with your new technology purchases. Don’t panic yet.

Microsoft revealed their new Windows 10 operating system this past week and made it available for technology companies to test and offer feedback. The “technical preview” gives companies like ours the opportunity to get under the hood with the new Windows and learn what is coming next, so we can start getting prepared for our future AND yours.

Why is it important for us to be prepared with Windows 10?

Simple: unlike a number of our friendly competitors in the region, the team at Your IT Business Consultants believes that having early knowledge of the upcoming technologies makes sure YOU and your company can make informed decisions about future investments in technology and maximize the current IT investments you have made.

Windows 8 has been criticized heavily in the business world, and we wouldn’t be surprised if you too have grumbled over it. Its somewhat, shall we say, “unfriendly” desktop has been a difficult transition for many business professionals to make. Microsoft promises this will change with Windows 10. Let’s sum it up this way: the business world didn’t take to Windows 8 and many of our clients simply loved Windows 7. Apparently, Microsoft was listening.

Not to worry, you won’t be forced through another learning curve.

How will your business benefit from Windows 10?

  • Expanded Start Menu: Yahoo! The start menu is back! One click access to all your programs and files. How we missed you, start menu. Never leave again. The start menu will also include space for your favorite applications, programs, people, and websites.
  • Windows Store Apps: In the past, applications purchased from the Windows Store didn’t behave as nicely as regular applications. This is all changing. Applications purchased from the Windows Store will now have the same format as other applications. You can move them and resize them. Maybe that will make it more worthwhile to actually think about buying an app from the Windows Store. We’ll see.
  • It is a Snap: Microsoft has put significant effort into improving Snap with Windows 10. Working with multiple applications at the same time is now easier. There is a new quadrant layout that allows for up to four applications to be snapped into the same screen. Pretty cool stuff, especially for crazy multi-taskers like us.
  • See All Your Tasks at Once: There is a new Task view button on the task bar that allows you to view all open applications and files. This allows for quick switching and one-touch access to any program or any desktop.
  • Multiple Desktops: For you extreme multi-taskers, you now have multiple desktops. You can create distinct desktops to work on different projects or purposes, such as work or personal.

Will Windows 10 be ideal for your business? Only time will tell.

Right now, you don’t have to do anything. As your trusted Microsoft partner in Brisbane, we will keep our finger on the pulse with all the Windows 10 happenings, and at a future date, we will sit down with you and discuss how Windows 10 will work best in your business.

Have questions about Microsoft technologies? Call your team at Your IT Business Consultants right away. We are here to help make sure your business has the right business IT support you need. Why settle for an IT company who just fixes things and leaves? You can experience a technology company who will help you prepare for the future while ensuring everything today works flawlessly.

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